We are Akela group of companies.Akela-P produces and delivers XENON , KRYPTON , and Medical XENON (kesmed) accordance with the quality required. Our second plant for the separation of krypton and xenon gases out of the atmosphere, in Durgapur (West Bengal) India is under construction. This is the first separation plant in Asia as a whole.And also the first plant to introduce medical xenon (ksemed) based on high technology separation unit for the welfare of the people.
Committed to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Control
Akela-P is committed to the safety, health and security of employees, contractors, customers and the communities in which we do business. Caring for the environment is also a high priority at our plant, and we continuously seek to improve our process in ways that improve our quality of life. Caring for people and the environment is our aim from both a moral and human perspective, and is an absolute prerequisite for the long term sustainability of our company. 100% incoming control of all raw materials; Continuous technological express-analysis of gases and gas mixtures during production by gas chromatography method and application of laboratory equipment from the leading manufacturers; Obligatory control and preparation of the cylinders before filling with ultra high purity inert gases.
Technology and equipment that was designed by AKELA has been used for 13 years for production of gases and gas mixtures on their basis. At present in Russia Ultra High Purity gases are produced on gas-separating complex designed, manufactured and launched in 1994 by AKELA.The same plant is setting up in Durgapur(West Bengal) is under contruction.The production of UHP inert gases is based on the method of cryogenic (low temperature) rectification of Krypton-Xenon mixture in  AKELA’s Laboratory.

Technological control of production is based on the gas chromatography method. This method is one of the latest developments of analytical chemistry that permits to control air separation Gas analysis laboratory of the AKELA Company possesses the latest equipment of the leading manufacturers, which enables to conduct the express analyses of the gases and gas mixtures. All equipment passes annual state certification at Mendelevium Institute (St. Petersburg, Russia). Ecology Production of UHP rare gases by AKELA-P is ecologically friendly. There are no wastes and the technological process itself excludes an exhaust of harmful particles into atmosphere.
Akela-p Medical Gases P. Ltd