KRYPTON of ultra high purity Grade 5.8
Purity of gas not less than - 99, 9998%
The AKELA-P company delivers gas KRYPTON of ultra high purity 99,9998% as per description, certificate and in accordance with the data for shipment. Information on the delivery terms and prices is provided in accordance with your inquiry.

Application of KRYPTON: Pure krypton is used: Production of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent light tubes, Chemical technology, Gas ionic laser, Exotic diving gases, Production of thermally efficient windows, Gas mixtures for various application

Description of KRYPTON: KRYPTON gas is monatomic, odorless, colorless, tasteless, nontoxic, chemically inert, inorganic. KRYPTON content in the Earth atmosphere is 0,000114% by volume and 0,0003% by weight.
Qualitative indices of KRYPTON produced by AKELA-P
KRYPTON Typical Contaminants Amount of impurities MAX, ppm
Xenon Kr <1
Nitrogen N 2 <2
Carbon Tetrafluoride CF 4 <0.1
Argon Ar <2
Oxygen O 2 <1
Methane CН 4 <1
Carbon Dioxide CO 2 <1
Water Н 2 О <1
  SF6 <1
Physical and Chemical Properties
Molecular formula Kr
Molecular weight 83,7
Boiling point 153,21ordm
freezing point 157,2ordm; C
Density 3,739 kgm3 at 0ordm;С & 3,483 kgm3 at 20ordm; С
Water solubility 0,108°%

KRYPTON Shipping Data

Chemical Symbol Kr
DOT Classification

Nonflammable gas

DOT Label

Nonflammable gas

Europe Transport
Substance Identification (SI) Number


UN Number (compressed gas) UN 1056
Major Hazards High Pressure& Suffocation
Toxicity (TLV) Asphyxiates
Flammability Range (in air)

Nonflammable gas

Odor none
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