Being a noble gas, xenon is an absolutely innocuous medicine for human beings and does not interact with any of chemical agents which are part of human organism. Vast multi-centre clinical trials proved xenon not to have side effects, such as nausea and vomiting. Though, it is 1.5-2 times stronger that nitrous oxide, it does not have neither general, nor specific toxicity, ensures quick induction (5-6 min) and awakening (2-3 min). In contrast to other artificially created anesthetics xenon, as an ecologically pure product, is absolutely safe.

Xenon as a medical gas, as well as mixtures on its basis, is an absolutely new medical product and is actively used in narcology during medical treatment of drug, alcohol and nicotine addiction. In psychiatry it is used to cure stress-syndrome, depression, syndrome of chronical tiredness, abstinence [withdrawal] syndrome of hypertension and ischemic disease, pain syndrome of various etiology. There is an experience of curing children and adults suffering from playing addiction.
It is proved that xenon has radioprotective properties and can be used to cure diseases caused by radiation exposure. Even after being exposed to a large dose of radioactive, electromagnetic or microwave frequency radiation, short-term sessions of xenon therapy (2-3 times a week) make it possible to keep the reproductive function, eliminating the possibility of birthgiving to mutants or defective children. 
With the help of xenon it is possible to save quickly and effectively sportsmen from so called pre-start fever, providing them with deep and restful sleep before competitions. Xenon also allows correcting blood pressure very easily.

Compared to another anesthetic regimen, xenon anesthesia produces highest regional blood flow in the brain (20% increase), liver, kidney and intestine. Dangers of tissue hypoxia are greatly reduced. These actions of xenon allow reducing the patients’ recovering time greatly. 
Xenon appears to be an interesting alternative for anesthesia in transplant surgery. Moreover, Russian scientists have discovered and confirmed its neuroprotective and radioprotective properties. During cardiopulmonary surgery xenon protects neural cells against ischemic injury.
Lack of cardiovascular depression is one of the most appealing characteristics of Xenon. Even with 80% concentration of Xe, Ca++ flow in human cardiomyocytes remains unaffected. The unique combination of properties makes it a very attractive and, in some cases, the only choice for high risk patients.
Due to its pharmacological and physiological properties (analgesic, sedative, neuroprotective, organoprotective, vasoplegic, inotropic, antistress, antioxidative, antiphlogistic and imunecorrective action), xenon has recently found a very wide application in therapy. Increasing cerebral blood flow, it helps getting rid of tension and tiredness, raise capacity of work, improve memory abilities and restore lost reactions in consequence of craniocerebral injury or stroke.
In addition to the list of qualities mentioned above, xenon increases the circulation of blood in placenta of expectant mothers which is wholesome for the whole period of pregnancy. Several short-term sessions of xenon therapy for a pregnant woman substitutes months in hospital in case of complications during the pregnancy period. Xenon is the safest anesthetic which is successfully used during difficult labors or cesarean section.

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