XENON of ultra high purity Grade 5.8
Purity of gas not less than - 99, 9998%

The AKELA-P company delivers gas XENON of ultra high purity 99, 9998% as per description, certificate and in accordance with the data for shipment. Information on the delivery terms and prices is provided in accordance with your inquiry.

Application of Xenon: Space industry, Medicine, Lighting, Electronics, Chemical technology, Gas ionic lser, Exotic diving gases, Thermal mirrors and windows, Gas mixtures for various application Description of Xenon: Xenon gas is monatomic, odorless, colorless, tasteless, nontoxic, chemically inert, inorganic.

Xenon content in the Earth atmosphere is 0,0000087% by volume, in some minerals (0,020 ppb), seawater (0,005 ppb), space (10 ppb), and even in the Mars atmosphere (0,08 ppm). Qualitative indices of XENON produced by AKELA
Xenon Typical Contaminants Amount of impurities MAX, ppm
Krypton Kr <1
Nitrogen N 2 <1
Carbon Tetrafluoride CF 4 <0.1
Argon Ar <0.5
Oxygen O 2 <0.5
Methane CН 4 <1
Carbon Dioxide CO 2 <1
Water Н 2 О <1
  SF6 <0.1
Physical and Chemical Properties
Molecular formula Xe
Molecular weight 131,3
Boiling point 108° C
freezing point 112° C
Viscosity 0,528 cP at 17° C
Vapor pressure 760mmHg (-108 C)
vapor density 4,561 (air=1)
Density 5, 89 gL at 0° С & 5,487gL at 20° С
Water solubility 0,108°%

Xenon Shipping Data

Chemical Symbol Xe
DOT Classification

Nonflammable gas

DOT Label

Nonflammable gas

Europe Transport
Substance Identification (SI) Number


UN Number (compressed gas) UN 2036
Major Hazards High Pressure& Suffocation
Toxicity (TLV) Asphyxiates
Flammability Range (in air)

Nonflammable gas

Odor none
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