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Xenon in gas ionic laser
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Application of XENON in gas ionic laser
In 1962, a group of researchers at Bell Laboratories discovered laser action in xenon,and later found that the laser gain was improved by adding helium to the lasing medium.The first excimer laser used a xenon dimer (Xe2) energized by a beam of electrons to produce stimulated emission at an ultraviolet wavelength of 176 nm.Xenon chloride and xenon fluoride have also been used in excimer (or, more accurately, exciplex) lasers.The xenon chloride excimer laser has been employed, for example, in certain dermatological uses

Gas ionic laser is working on xenon or mixture of xenon with argon Ar, krypton Kr, helium He.

The ionic laser works in a wide spectrum of waves: from ultraviolet up to close to "white". The laser is characterized by high level of power and high quality of bundle of radiation at small mass and dimensional indexes.

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